CHF 99

Gold-filled sunglasses chains with semi-precious stones or pearls.
Stones: High quality Amazonite, Garnet, Pyrite, White or grey pearls

Stone colors:
–Amazonite: Light blue
–Pyrite: Metallic Grey
–Garnet: Dark Red
–Grey and white pearls: light grey, pearl white

Stone virtues:
Amazonite: Symbolized honor and courage for the Amazon warriors, strengthens determination and balances the mood.
Pyrite: Stimulates intellectual abilities, supports memory, excellent for the respiratory system and fatigue relief thanks to its high iron content.
Garnet: Brings joy, willpower, energy and courage. It is associated with success and increased self-confidence. It is a powerful anchoring stone.
-Freshwater pearls: They are a symbol of purity, they soothe anxieties and bring happiness. They have been a symbol of wealth and prestige since antiquity. Finally, they differ from classic pearls by their unpredictable shapes.

| Our products may vary in shape and color due to their natural origin. |
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