About Us

Two Sisters

We, Isabelle & Melissa, are two Swiss-Scottish sisters living in Switzerland.
We have always been passionate about beautiful, quality jewellery.
This great passion comes from our Scottish grandfather, who himself was a jeweller in Gartmore, Scotland. He carefully selected high quality jewellery made from precious stones, gold, silver and diamonds for resale.

Being always looking for beautiful and affordable jewellery in Switzerland, we often ended up ordering on the internet, seeing that the offer did not correspond to our expectations.

Indeed, we were looking for jewellery mixing bohemian, chic and minimalist style, adorned with beautiful semi-precious stones full of protective virtues, while remaining affordable.

Handcrafted in Switzerland

Seeing that it was very difficult to find exactly what we were looking for, we embarked on this adventure full of passion and creativity.

We strive to select suppliers offering the best quality products at fair and advantageous prices. We also want to offer a wide choice of different types of stones, sizes, colours, styles and shapes, so that everyone can be inspired by the stone that suits them best. We create each piece of jewellery ourselves with a lot of love.

All our collections are inspired by our travels, beautiful nature, our love for gem stones and our personal experiences in this field.

Inspired by nature

We are living a constant positive evolution to reach an ideal of quality, seeking to continuously improve over the long term and that is why from now on gold plating will be done by us.

We guarantee a long-lasting 18-Karat gold plating with a thickness of 3 microns for all our earrings and gold medallions. Moreover, all our chains are as of now in gold filled. Indeed, gold filled contains minimum 5% of gold and does not tarnish in time nor under water.
On top of that, we use authentic semi-precious stones coming from California (except our glass opals) and freshwater pearls from France and South Korea.

We are full of ideas and plans for the future of TerraGemma and we hope you are as eager to live this adventure as we are!

Our values

Having traveled around the world, we have become aware of the beauty of nature that we are now destroying because of the way we consume. Ecology is an area that touches us deeply emotionally and we are committed to donating a portion of our profits each year to this cause. This is why we have chosen ReforestAction to whom we have made a donation that will allow them to plant 110 trees in Sumatra, for our activities in the year 19-20.

The benefits of our forest are as follows:
-16.50 tons of CO2 stored
-330 animal shelters created
-440 months of oxygen generated
-110 working hours created

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