About Us

Two Sisters

We, Isabelle & Melissa, are two Swiss-Scottish sisters living in Switzerland.
We have always been attracted to beautiful, quality jewelry.
This great passion comes from our Scottish grandfather, who was himself a jewelry wholesaler in Scotland. He carefully selected high quality jewelry made from gemstones, gold, silver and diamonds for resale.

As we were always looking for beautiful and affordable jewelry in Switzerland, we often ended up ordering on the internet, seeing that the offer did not meet our expectations.

Indeed, we were looking for designs mixing bohemian, chic and minimalist styles, while looking for specific semi-precious stones that we had trouble finding in jewelry that we liked.


Seeing that it was very difficult to find exactly what we were looking for, we embarked on this adventure full of passion and creativity.

We strive to select suppliers who offer the best quality products at fair prices. We also want to offer a wide range of different types of stones, sizes, colors, styles and shapes, so that everyone can choose the stone of their choice intuitively. We assemble each piece of jewelry ourselves with a lot of love in Switzerland and personalize each design according to our desires.
Our stones come from all over the world and are sourced in India. Our pendants and rings are custom made in India as well.

All our collections are inspired by our travels, the nature we admire and our love for semi-precious stones. We invent designs based on the different current trends and let our intuition carry us.


We are in a constant positive evolution to reach a demanding quality ideal. We seek to continuously improve over the long term, in order to better satisfy our customers and to offer jewelry with an exceptional value for money.

We guarantee long-lasting quality jewelry thanks to thick gold plating and the gold-filled technique. Indeed, gold filled contains a minimum of 5% gold and is the most resistant gilding technique after solid gold.
In addition to that, we use semi-precious stones that will promote your healing, your protection or strengthen your confidence, while raising your vibratory rate.

our commitment

After traveling the world, we became aware of the beauty of nature that we are destroying because of our way of consuming. Ecology is an area that touches us deeply and we are committed to donating a portion of our profits each year to this cause. This is why we have chosen ReforestAction to whom we have made a donation that will allow them to plant 110 trees in Sumatra, for our activities in 19-20.
The benefits of our forest are:
-16.50 tons of CO2 stored
-330 animal shelters created
-440 months of oxygen generated
-110 work hours created

For the year 2020-2021 we chose the Mission Blue initiative because we had the chance to experience exceptional scuba diving thanks to our uncle who is an instructor.
Currently, the seabed is in danger due to overfishing that is destroying biodiversity, fishing nets that are tearing away corals, bombings in some countries to facilitate fishing, and global warming that is increasing the temperature and acidity of the ocean, known as "coral bleaching".

Mission Blue identifies "Hope Spots". These are strategic and critical locations for ocean health. Hope Spots are championed by local conservationists and supported through communication, expeditions and scientific advice.

For the year 2021-2022 we have chosen to donate to DAO, an organization that protects women and children who experience domestic violence. As a family business owned by two women, selling products for women, it was an obvious choice for us to support this cause to celebrate the sacred feminine.
This association provides shelters and psychological support to all women who are facing psychological, physical and/or sexual violence.

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