Agate Blue Lace

It is a stone of choice for the throat chakra, this stone is excellent for developing communication. It brings serenity, emotional stability and mental appeasement by acting against anger, shyness or stress. Finally, it fights the fear of judgement and allows to develop one’s spirituality. The element of this stone is water, it is the birthstone of the month of may, it's number is 5 and it's associated with the zodiac of Pisces, and Gemini.


Called “the stone of the healer”, it acts as a powerful shield against the surrounding negative energies. It absorbs polluting energies from the environment. It is a cleansing stone that allows you to get rid of what you no longer need, it also helps to make decisions. It stimulates all chakras, it is associated with the zodiac of Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. The element of this stone is air and its number is the 6.


This stone is very calming, soothing and anti-stress. It stimulates the imagination, brings softness and sensitivity, develops intuition. This stone embodies femininity as it is associated with the moon, fertility and life cycles. This stone also fosters growth and new beginnings, it is a powerful stone for abundance and manifestation. It is from the family of Labradorite because real moonstones are rare and expensive. "Moonstone" is mainly a commercial word, the correct name for this stone is "White Labradorite". The affirmation for this stone is "I am balanced and in tune to my emotions", it acts on the Sacral, Crown and Third Eye chakras and it is associated with the zodiac of Cancer, a very emotional sign. Its element is water

Black Onyx

This stone is perfect for letting go of the past, releasing negativity and to stimulate intuition. It brings strength to face life’s upheavals and is good for self-esteem and self-control. It is also a protective stone which acts like a shield by transforming negative energy and by protecting from electromagnetic energy. It releases fears, melancholy and depression. It is a powerful stone which is associated with the zodiac of Leo and Capricorn. It acts on the Root chakra, its element is earth and its number is 6.


Rhodochrosite is considered a stone of love and compassion, it is ideal for healing deep emotional wounds. It also creates a positive attitude and promotes creativity and joy. This stone has the power to smoothly bring to the surface painful sensations buried deep within us. Rhodochrosite is conducive to meditation, it renews our energy and spiritual awareness. It is associated with the zodiac of Leo and Scorpio, its element is fire. It acts on the Root and Heart chakras.

Ethiopian Opals/ Australian Opals

The Ethiopian Opal is a communication stone. It acts on the nervous system as well as depression and restores the free circulation of energies. This stone stimulates the reflection and the intuition, it also supports meditation and calms the mind. It is a mystical stone at the origin of many rumors, some thought that this stone came from the heavens and others thought it would bestow with the gift of prophecy. The zodiac associated with the opal is Libra


Pyrite is the stone of success and prosperity. Its brilliance evokes wealth. It gives strength to accomplish one's greatest ambitions and materialize one's projects in joy and good fortune. It also helps to overcome obstacles and stimulates the memory. It acts on all chakras and is associated with the zodiac Leo. Its elements are Fire and Earth.

Tiger's Eye

The eye of the tiger brings a lot of enthusiasm, it is directly linked to the solar plexus. It allows us to connect to our inner child and to face life with a fresh and pure look. It brings strength, vitality and determination. It frees from negative external or internal influences. It allows to appreciate the life with courage and audacity. This stone is excellent as an amulet of protection. It is associated with the zodiac signs of Leo and Capricorn, its elements are Fire and Earth. It acts on the solar plexus and the sacral chakras.

Purple & Pink Amethyst

It is a stone of harmony, intuition, serenity and wisdom. It balances the energies of body and mind. It has soothing and purifying virtues. It creates a climate of peace by chasing away what is not necessary in a place, it activates creativity and imagination in your work space. It allows spiritual and personal elevation by helping you to know yourself better. Amethyst in geode allows to clean and recharge the other crystals because it is a powerful stone of purification. It is therefore necessary to regularly purify and recharge it to give it back its brilliance. It acts on the crown chakra and it is associated with the signs of the zodiac Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Aquarius, its element is the air.


Sunstone exudes warmth and optimism. It gives you confidence in your abilities and boosts your potential. It brings a lot of joy and positive and sunny feelings. It brings luck, promotes spontaneity and fights shyness. It allows to unblock certain situations. It is the perfect stone as a happiness buddy that acts on the sacral chakra and the solar plexus. It is also the stone of the artists who makes shine and gain in insurance. It is associated with the zodiac Leo and Libra.

Strawberry Quartz

This stone promotes a state of joy and happiness and favours inner peace. It gives support during life changes by bringing comfort and by reducing states of depression or stress. This stone is linked to the heart chakra but acts on all chakras. This stone vibrates the powerful energy of love. It is associated with the zodiac Libra and its element is water

Gold Obsidian

This stone is ideal for sagittarius, it acts on the solar plexus and the root chakra. It represents the earth element. Obsidian is very powerful, it acts as a protective shield (like the Labradorite). It helps to get rid of old repetitive patterns and limiting beliefs that make you stagnate. It is a stone of truth, it guides you towards accomplishment and puts you in front of what is beneficial for you. This stone inspires a sense of security as it works with the spirits of your ancestors to protect and watch over you. Its number is the 9


Malachite strengthens the power of our heart, it invites it to open wide to the power of absolute love, in order to welcome the wonders that the Universe offers us. It is a healing stone, it soothes physical and mental ailments by releasing blockages. This stone promotes abundance, purification and balance. It's associated with the signs of Scorpio and Capricorn, it acts on the Heart chakra and its element is Earth.

Arizona Turquoise

It is a stone which supports communication, it protects by chasing away the bad energies. It influences the mind positively with its calming and comforting energy. It also fosters well-being and good fortune. It is a stone much used by the Pharaohs as Tutankhamen, the Tibetans, or still the Mayas in Mexico, the American Indians considered it a sacred stone. The Apaches attached a turquoise to their weapons so that it would bring them luck and they would never miss their target. It acts on the sacred and the throat chakra. It is associated with the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. It helps to align the chakras and especially worn to protect the wearer from injuries, violence, accidents and also saves from infidelity.

Smoky Topaz

Smoky Topaz neutralizes negative thoughts, as it is a stone of joy and fulfillment. It allows to go to the end of the projects and to realize your aspirations. It brings a lot of motivation and optimism. It eliminates self-criticism. It is associated with the zodiac Scorpio and Capricorn. Its element is Earth and it acts on the Root and Sacral chakras.


The legend wants that the rock crystal comes from a celestial water which would have frozen for eternity. It gives clarity and radiance, it amplifies your inner light and diffuses your beauty, which becomes as clear and limpid as water. It gives vitality and multiplies tenfold the energies of other crystals. Mediums are often associated with their crystal sphere which activates clairvoyance. It rebalances and harmonizes all the chakras, it allows their opening and their realignment. This mineral acts on all the signs of the zodiac.


Stone of letting go, it allows to eliminate negative thoughts and to connect to the present moment. It is an excellent stone for communication, allowing you to express yourself freely. It also calms the nervous system and stress by bringing serenity and joy to life. The Amazonite symbolized honor and courage for the Amazon warriors, it also strengthens determination and balances the mood. It is associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo. Its element is water, it acts on the chakra of the heart.

Mojave Turquoise

It fosters the good mood, the joy of living, it is also linked to luck and good fortune and increases confidence. It acts on the solar plexus. Mojave turquoise is a turquoise from the Mohavie desert in Arizona, heated to a high temperature to give it its warm and seductive colors. It is a stabilized turquoise, whose color is not likely to fade over time


The Ruby stone will help you find joy and passion, while stimulating your creativity and bringing wisdom into your daily life. It strengthens courage and determination while protecting against jealousy. It develops self-confidence, perseverance and promotes prosperity. It is also a stone that increases all passions. It protects the heart and the circulatory system while bringing tonus and vitality. Ruby is associated with the zodiac signs Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and acts on the Heart and Root chakras. Its element is Fire.


Larimar also called “the stone of Atlantis”, provides an ocean of love, peace and good vibrations to the wearer. It comes from the Caribbean Sea and its blue color similar to the ocean, comforts the soul. It has anti-stress benefits and it also regulates the mood. It is a healing, spirituality and guidance stone. This stone is associated with the zodiac sign of Leo, it acts on the Throat chakra.


It is the stone of vital energy. Its blood color evokes the essence of being, love, passion and sexual energy. It boosts ambition, power, it energizes the metabolism and strengthens the charisma. It amplifies the passion of love and life. It offers guidance through the darker and more complicated periods of life. It is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn. It acts on the root, sacral and heart chakras. It is a powerful anchor stone.

Bull's Eye

This stone is linked to the root chakra, it allows you to remain anchored and to receive the energies of the earth. It is a stone which carries a powerful energy, it protects from bad energies and brings a feeling of safety by acting on the fears and the doubts, and by acting as a protective shield, on a physical and psychological level. It brings a lot of courage as well as strength and allows to believe in one’s abilities and success. It is a stone of action which favours initiatives and brings dynamism. It acts on the root chakra and solar plexus, it allows to anchor oneself. It is associated with the zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus, Scorpio. Its elements are Fire and Earth.


Kunzite carries the vibration of gentleness. It is linked to the heart chakra, it soothes and rebalances the mind and calms the emotions following a heartbreak or sorrow. It fights against sadness thanks to its softness and allows you to better control your emotions by bringing serenity. It also supports meditation by bringing inner peace. It is associated with the zodiac signs of Libra, Aries, Scorpio, Taurus. It acts on the Heart chakra. Its element is Water.

Pink Quartz

Stone of unconditional love, it envelops with a reassuring energy, promotes feelings of compassion and tenderness towards oneself and others, it would heal the heart. It spreads benevolent, soft, calm and loving vibrations. It also promotes forgiveness and inner peace and boosts self-esteem. This stone acts on the chakra of the heart, it is associated with the signs of the Taurus as well as Libra, its elements are Water and Earth


This stone balances and purifies the organism, soothes buried anxieties and fears and promotes a deep and restful sleep. It is also a stone of intuition and self-acceptance. Kyanite raises the vibration of oneself by bringing inner harmony, it also favours self-expression. It is a powerful stone that amplifies spiritual awareness. It brings self-confidence thanks to its balancing and soothing virtues. It allows to face with serenity and truth the hardships of life by pushing back anxiety. It acts on the Throat chakra and the Third Eye. It is associated with the zodiac signs of Taurus, Libra, Aries and Pisces. Its elements are Water and Air.

Aqua Chalcedony

It is a stone of a great softness, with a light and enveloping energy. It resolves language and communication problems. Then, it brings inner peace and a better understanding of oneself. It also soothes sadness, tears and anxiety by absorbing negative feelings. Finally, it also fosters creativity. The Aqua Chalcedony acts on the throat chakra and is associated with the zodiac signs of Cancer, Gemini, Capricorn and Sagittarius. Its element is Water.