CHF 95
Chain length:

This powerful necklace embodies the symbolism of the element air. "SAHARA" represents sand dunes shaped by the force of the wind. Air is associated with lightness and manifestation through thought.

Alchemy, an ancient esoteric and philosophical practice, is based on the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. Alchemists believe that all matter is made up of these fundamental elements.

The desert represents resilience and transformation. It is a place of passage, often uncomfortable and uncertain, but necessary to reach a new phase of growth or understanding. With its vast expanses and endless horizons, the desert also symbolizes the infinity and mystery of existence, inviting contemplation of the cosmos.

Like a talisman, "SAHARA" reminds you of your divine nature, your resilience and your strength despite life's trials.

Gold-filled chain
3 micron gold-plated brass pendant
Pendant size: 16x11mm
Chain lengths: 48 or 52 

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