CHF 65

Gold-filled bracelet with semi-precious stones
-Chain: Gold filled 18k on brass, does not tarnish over time 
Stones: Onyx, Agate blue lace

Stone colors:
–Onyx: Black
-Agate blue lace: Light blue with stripes

Stone virtues:
Agate blue lace: Stone of choice for the throat chakra, this stone is excellent for developing communication. It brings serenity, emotional stability and mental appeasement by acting against anger, shyness or stress. Finally, it fights the fear of judgement and allows to develop one’s spirituality.
Black Onyx: Letting go of the past, releasing negativity, fosters intuition. Brings strength to face life’s upheavals and is good for self-esteem and self-control.
Origin of our stones: India

| Our products may vary in shape and color due to their natural origin. |
Estimation delivery period: Between 5 & 7 business days. |

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