CHF 85

Gold-filled necklace with semi-precious stones
-Chain: Gold filled 14k on brass
-Chain length: 52 CM
-Stones: Gold obsidian, Kunzite, Tiger eye, Strawberry Quartz, Amazonite, Sunstone

Stone colors:
-Gold obsidian: Black with gold sparkles
-Kunzite: Light pink
-Tiger eye: Golden brown
-Strawberry Quartz: Pink with sparkles
-Amazonite: Light blue
-Sunstone: Orange with sparkles

Stone virtues:
-Strawberry Quartz: This stone promotes a state of joy and happiness and favors inner peace. It gives support during life changes by bringing comfort and by reducing states of depression or stress. This stone is linked to the heart chakra but acts on all chakras.
-Gold ObsidianThis stone is ideal for Sagittarius, it acts on the solar plexus and the root chakra. It represents the earth element. Obsidian is very powerful, it acts as a protective shield (like the Labradorite). It helps to get rid of old repetitive patterns and limiting beliefs that make you stagnate. It is a stone of truth, it guides you towards accomplishment and puts you in front of what is beneficial for you.
-Kunzite: This stone carries the vibration of gentleness. It is linked to the heart chakra, it soothes and rebalances the mind and calms the emotions following a heartbreak or sorrow. It fights against sadness thanks to its softness and allows you to better control your emotions by bringing serenity. it also supports meditation by bringing inner peace.
Tiger eye: It brings a lot of enthusiasm, it is directly linked to the solar plexus. It allows us to connect to our inner child and to face life with a fresh and pure look. It brings strength, vitality and determination. It frees from negative external or internal influences. It allows to appreciate the life with courage and audacity. This stone is excellent as an amulet of protection.
-Amazonite Stone of letting go, it allows to eliminate negative thoughts and to connect to the present moment. It is an excellent stone for communication, allowing you to express yourself freely. It also calms the nervous system and stress by bringing serenity and joy to life. The Amazonite symbolized honor and courage for the Amazon warriors, it also strengthens determination and balances the mood
-Sunstone: Sunstone exudes warmth and optimism. It gives you confidence in your abilities and boosts your potential. It brings a lot of joy and positive and sunny feelings. It brings luck, promotes spontaneity and fights shyness. It allows to unblock certain situations. It is the perfect stone as a protective amulet that acts on the sacral chakra and the solar plexus.
Origin of our stones: India

| Our products may vary in shape and color due to their natural origin. |
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