CHF 99

This beautiful LIVIA necklace represents the element earth.

In Alchemy, an ancient esoteric and philosophical practice, is based on the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. Alchemists believe that all matter is made up of these fundamental elements. Earth represents solidity, stability and matter.

Fossils symbolize a direct link to the ancient past and our ancestors. They remind us of the earth's history, evolution, and the passage of time, serving as tangible evidence of life that existed millions of years ago.
In some traditions, fossils are used for their healing and protective properties. They are believed to stabilize and ground energy, providing a sense of security and connection to the earth.
Fossils represent evolution and progress, both in a biological and metaphorical sense. They signify how life adapts and evolves over time, encouraging us to embrace change and strive for growth and improvement.

Freshwater pearls chain
3 microns gold-plated brass pendant
Lengths: 38CM, 64CM

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