CHF 65

Gold filled necklace with cristal
-Chain: Gold filled 14k on brass, does not tarnish over time
Stone: Cristal
Stone color:Transparent

Cristal virtues: The legend wants that the rock crystal comes from a celestial water which would have frozen for eternity. It gives clarity and radiance, it amplifies your inner light and diffuses your beauty, which becomes as clear and limpid as water. It gives vitality and multiplies tenfold the energies of other crystals. Mediums are often associated with their crystal sphere which activates clairvoyance. It rebalances and harmonizes all the chakras, it allows their opening and their realignment
Origin of our stones: India

| Our products may vary in shape and color due to their natural origin. |
Estimation delivery period: Between 5 & 7 business days. |

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