CHF 79

This grounding necklace embodies the symbolism of the element earth. Gaia (mother earth) is the foundation on which everything rests. She represents stability, abundance, security. She provides a sense of being anchored and rooted such as trees. She represents the ability to cultivate and produce life, she embodies patience, emphasizing long-term growth and represents the interconnectedness of all living things,

Alchemy, an ancient esoteric and philosophical practice, is based on the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. Alchemists believe that all matter is made up of these fundamental elements. Earth represents solidity, stability and matter.

Many Ancient cultures personified Earth as a nurturing mother figure, the Yin energy, symbolizing care, protection, and sustenance. 

This Talisman reminds you that you are held, loved, guided and protected.

Gold-filled chain
3 micron gold-plated brass pendant
Pendant size: 18mm
Chain lengths: 46 or 49

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