CHF 65

Gold-filled necklace with small semi-precious stones
Stones: Labradorite, Garnet

Stone colors:
-Labradorite: Grey with blue/ green reflections
-Garnet: Dark red

Stone virtues:
-Labradorite: Called “the stone of the healer”, it acts as a powerful shield against the surrounding negative energies. It absorbs polluting energies from the environment. It is a cleansing stone that allows you to get rid of what you no longer need, it also helps to make decisions. It stimulates all chakras.
Garnet: Brings joy, willpower, energy and courage. It is associated with success and increased self-confidence. It is a powerful anchoring stone.

Origin of our stones: India

| Our products may vary in shape and color due to their natural origin. |
Estimation delivery period: Between 5 & 7 business days. |

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