CHF 89

This ring represents the element of water. It's a tribute to our magnificent oceans and their rich ecosystem.
Water symbolizes fluidity, adaptability, intuition, depth, emotions and purification.
Water purifies our aura and renews our energy, purification rituals using water are common in many cultures.

Alchemy, an ancient esoteric and philosophical practice, is based on the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. Alchemists believe that all matter is made up of these fundamental elements.

The ocean is often seen as the cradle of life. In many cultures, it is considered the original source from which all forms of life originate. The creation myths of many civilizations incorporate aquatic elements to explain the origin of the world.
With its unexplored depths and vast expanses, the ocean symbolizes the unknown and the mysterious. It represents what lies beyond human knowledge, hiding secrets and treasures.
The ocean is a force of nature of unparalleled power. Its storms and devastating waves symbolize the destructive power of nature.

3-micron gold-plated brass ring
Stone: Labradorite
Stone color: Blue gray
Size: Adjustable

Labradorite is reputed to be a powerful stone of protection. It forms a barrier against negative energies and evil intentions, helping to preserve the wearer's aura. Considered a stone of transformation, Labradorite helps to overcome phases of change and transition. It encourages personal growth and adaptation to new situations.

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