CHF 69

 These minimalistic ZHAO earrings remind us of our distant origins.

Jars are often associated with capacity and abundance. They are used to store precious commodities such as water, oil, wine or grain, symbolizing prosperity, wealth and food security.
In some traditions, jars are seen as symbols of transformation and alchemy. They are used in processes where substances are transformed, evoking inner changes, purification and spiritual transmutation.
Jars, with their rounded shape and capacity to contain, are often associated with femininity and the womb.
In many cultures, jars are used in ritual and religious contexts. They may contain offerings, sacred ointments or liquids used in ceremonies, symbolizing the sacred and spiritual.
They may also represent the cycle of life. They are created from the earth, used to hold vital elements, then return to the earth when they break.

3 microns gold-plated silver hoops

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