CHF 85

This powerful Talisman holds the name of Râ, the god of the sun. 
Khepri, deity associated with the scarab beetle, and Râ are closely linked as different manifestations of the solar god, representing different aspects and moments of the daily solar cycle. 
Khepri and Râ embody creation and life, the Sun, rebirth, and the daily journey of the sun and the cosmic cycles. 

The scarab beetle is a powerful symbol in various cultures, particularly in ancient Egyptian mythology. 
It symbolizes Rebirth, Transformation and Afterlife, Divine Power and the creative force of the Universe. 
It was common for scarab amulets to be placed with the dead to ensure safe passage and rebirth in the afterlife.
Scarab embodies Protection and Good Luck, they were believed to ward off evil, provide strength, and bring good fortune.
This Talisman will accompany you during your inner journey towards rebirth and metamorphosis.

3 micron gold-plated brass ring
Scarab size: 18x15mm
Ring size: Adjustable

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