CHF 79

Gold-filled necklace with semi-precious stones
-Chain: Gold filled 14k on brass, does not tarnish over time and under water
-Chain length: 46 CM
Stones: Labradorite, Larimar, Pink quartz

Stone colors:
-Labradorite: Grey with blue/ green reflections
-Larimar: Light blue
-Pink quartz: Light pink

Stone virtues:
-Labradorite virtues: It is extremely protective by absorbing the negative and acting as a shield. Then, it also favours transformation, raises consciousness, calms an overactive mind and helps develop new ideas.
-Larimar virtues: Larimar also called “the stone of Atlantis”, provides an ocean of love, peace and good vibrations to the wearer. It comes from the Caribbean Sea and its blue color similar to the ocean, comforts the soul. It has anti-stress benefits and it also regulates mood. It is a healing, spiritual and guidance stone.
Pink quartz: Evokes peace, calm, and tenderness. It fosters commitment, brings emotional healing, releases tension, and reinforces feelings of love

Origin of our stones: India

| Our products may vary in shape and color due to their natural origin. |
Estimation delivery period: Between 5 & 7 business days. |

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