CHF 175

Set of 3 necklaces:

1. AINE 
-Gold-filled chain
-Length: 32 CM
-Gold-filled chain + 3 micron gold-plated medallion with an Ethiopian Opal
-Ethiopian Opal virtues: 
is a communication stone. It acts on the nervous system as well as depression and restores the free circulation of energies
-Length: 44 CM
-The Ethiopian opal is a fragile stone which is waterlogged, it should not be worn in the shower, in the sea, in the bath or swimming pool.
Avoid contact with chemicals (perfume, chlorine,…), because it could lose its shine.
-Gold-filled chain and gold-plated stone
-Rainbow moonstone virtues
: very calming, soothing and anti-stress. It stimulates the imagination, brings softness and sensitivity, develops intuition. This stone embodies femininity.
-Length: 52 CM

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