Gold-plated necklace with Ethiopian Opal (precious stone).
-Chain: Gold filled 14k on brass, does not tarnish over time and under water
-Pendant: Gold-plated 925 sterling silver, plating thickness: 3 microns
-The pendant is produced by Indian craftsmen and the necklace is assembled in Switzerland

Stone: Ethiopian Opal (precious stone)
-It is a fragile stone which is waterlogged, it should not be worn in the shower, in the sea, in the bath or swimming pool.
Avoid contact with chemicals (perfume, chlorine,...), because it could lose its shine.

Stone colors: White with multicolored reflexions

Stone virtues: The Ethiopian Opal is a communication stone. It acts on the nervous system as well as depression and restores the free circulation of energies
Origin of our stones: India

| Our products may vary in shape and color due to their natural origin. |
Estimation delivery period: Between 5 & 7 business days. |

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