-It is recommended to avoid water, perfume and any chemical products that could alter the color of the jewel. If you use our jewelry at the beach (body chain) and they come into contact with sea water, rinse them immediately afterwards, in order to remove the salt which is very aggressive to any metal. It is also recommended that you remove your jewelry when you go to sleep.
Our jewelry can last for years if you take care of it, however, it may lose its luster after a while. To revive the colour, use a soft cloth to wash your jewelry.

-We get our supplies overseas (chains, stones, earrings bases), from different suppliers who source their raw materials ethically and create handmade products only. We select our suppliers carefully, indeed, they certify the authenticity and quality of their raw materials. Our semi-precious stones come from California and are certified by gemologists. Secondly, we assemble earrings in Switzerland and we create the bracelets, necklaces and body chains ourselves from scratch. Finally, we design our products in Switzerland and our rings are handmade in India.

-We have chosen to donate one percent of our benefit  to different environmental associations. We will communicate through our social media accounts for every action we will take in the future. Indeed, we wanted to create a business with a real purpose; meaning creating quality products arising from a real passion and to contribute to a cause in which we truly and deeply believe in.

We have chosen partners who compensate 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions released in the atmosphere due to the transport of the goods.

If you are not happy with your order, please feel free to contact us at “info@terragemma.ch”, or fill in the contact form in the “contact us” section. We give a 3 business days window to refund or exchange any item from the date of dispatch. You can either exchange your product with another one (if you choose a higher-priced item the difference will be charged on the clients account), or ask for a refund. In the case of a return/refund, the goods must be returned in perfect conditions, otherwise we will grant ourselves the right to refuse the return of the item.

We charge a flat rate of 3,80 CHF for the delivery in Switzerland and we deliver between a window of 5 up to 7 business days.


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