Despite the high quality of our materials (gold-filled and 3 micron gold-plating), we recommend not wearing our jewelry in the shower and during sports. It is highly recommended to avoid contact with perfume, chlorine and sea salt. You should rinse your jewelry with clear water when using it in the sea or pool. Our gold-filled chains are water resistant, but our 3 micron gold-plated pendants are more sensitive. (Due to a lower gold content than gold-filled). Our jewelry will last for years if you take a few precautions when using them. When not in use, store them in their original pouch away from sunlight and moisture.


We carefully select our suppliers to guarantee the best quality at the best price.
All our chains, links, clasps and some gold-filled pendants come from the USA. Our rings, semi-precious stones and some pendants come from India, everything is custom made and handcrafted. Our supplier works with 925 sterling silver and we ask for a 3 micron gold plating (thickness of the gold layer) to guarantee a long lasting shine (as long as the jewellery is used with care). The designs are created in Switzerland and our jewellery is assembled by us in Switzerland as well.
Our freshwater pearls come from South Korea and China (among the world’s largest pearl producers).

We have chosen ReforestAction for our 19-20 year activities. This donation will allow them to plant 110 trees in Sumatra, to fight against the deforestation of mangroves due to the growing cultivation of shrimps, the illegal cutting of wood and the transformation of forests into agricultural land. We also donated 5% of our April 22 (earth day) profit to Mission Blue. They are identifying and preserving “Hope Spots” to allow these areas to regenerate and fight against overfishing. The goal is to reach 30% of protection of the total ocean surface.

We have chosen partners who compensate 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions released in the atmosphere due to the transport of the goods.

If you are not happy with your order, please feel free to contact us at “info@terragemma.ch”, or fill in the contact form in the “contact us” section. We give a 5 business days window to refund or exchange any item from the date of reception. You can either exchange your product with another one (if you choose a higher-priced item the difference will be charged on the clients account), or ask for a refund. In the case of a return/refund, the goods must be returned in perfect conditions, otherwise we will grant ourselves the right to refuse the return of the item.

We charge a flat rate of 3,80 CHF for the delivery in Switzerland and the delivery time is between 5 to 7 business days. However, the delivery time can exceptionally be extended when we have a high volume of orders.

In addition,  the delivery time for foreign countries is 10 to 20 working days depending on the destination country. Furthermore, delivery costs vary depending on the country of destination (e.g France is charged 18CHF for delivery)